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FunJet Ultra
[FunJet ULTRA]

The FUNJET ULTRA is an agile, easy to launch model which can accommodate a wide variety of power systems. The Funjet is tailor-made for upgrading. It is intended for experienced model flyers, e.g. pilots who can handle relatively fast flying wing or aileron model without problem. The Funjet is operated by aileron, elevator and throttle controls, so aerobatics, such as rolls, inverted flight, loops etc. are well within its capabilities. Fast, low passes in formation with 3, 4, 5 or even more models look simply terrific - and the sound is marvelous! Cut the throttle and be ready for a surprise - the Funjet glides in slowly under full control to a gentle landing.

The plus-points:
Easy to hand-launch
Direct, precise control response
Capable of speeds in excess of 200 km / hr
Smooth, docile handling even at high airspeeds
Dual-axis control (aileron / elevator) plus throttle
Relatively low wing loading for docility at low speed; easy to land
Anodised aluminium motor bulkhead - helps to keep the motor cool
Smart finish
Robust airframe survives quite hard landings
Very easy to transport

Kit contents:
Moulded ELAPOR


Slave Tools